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How to choose the right size lampshade

Simple guidelines to help you find the right size lampshade Choosing a lampshade is a personal decision and will include various deciding factors like functionality, atmosphere, and style. Learn all you need to know about how to choose the right size lampshade. Before you start, think about why you want the lamp …

How to make a Christmas lantern!

Learn how to make a festive, Christmas lantern with Daisy Jane Shades. Hello! I have a small Lampshade business called ‘Daisy Jane Shades’ and at Christmas time I like to make these Christmas Lanterns. They have proved very popular and are a lovely Christmas Decoration to add sparkle to any mantelpiece or shelf. …

Would you make your first handmade lampshade a whopper like this?

Just look at this huge lampshade! Made by a professional, right? NO, Wrong! Made as a first attempt by this brave couple from Ayrshire. Why start so big I hear you ask? Stewart and Beverley were having so much trouble finding a lampshade that would sit over their chandelier and were about to give …

Dannells Fairy Lights

GIVEAWAY! 3 sets of fairy lights to be won

We are feeling the festive spirit already and giving away 3 sets of fairy lights from our range of LED lights! Head to our Facebook page ‘Needcraft‘ to enter.


3 of our favourite blog posts on running your handmade business

With so much information out there it’s overwhelming! We’ve gathered three of our top posts offering invaluable advice on different aspects of running your handmade business.  

5 Favourite fairy light ideas

  Images: 1- Pinterest 2- 3- 4- 5- Pinterest

How to measure a lampshade

How to measure a lampshade

Follow these simple steps to learn how to measure a lampshade correctly If you have a lampshade you need to measure in order to find another the same or a similar size, these are the measurements you’ll need to make. A tape measure, paper and pen are all you need …

New Lampshade Kit sizes! From 15cm up to 1m. We’ve got you covered

Introducing our new drum lampshade kit sizes. 15cm & 25cm diameter now available. This gorgeous little shade was made by Claudine from …

Neon Crochet Dream Catcher

This gorgeous Neon Crochet Dream Catcher was made by @iron_lamb with our new Dream Catcher rings. Isn’t it gorgeous! Watch this space …

How to make a bottle lamp

DIY bottle lamp tutorial. Learn how to make a bottle lamp with this easy to use adaptor. No drilling needed! There’s so much room …

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