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Kid’s bedroom ideas – Make a unique bedside lamp

Kid's bedside table with colourful lamp

Stuck for kid’s bedroom ideas but want to make a space that’s colourful, creative and undeniably cool?

Look no further! Part 2 of our ‘Kid’s bedroom ideas’ shows you how to make a bright and colourful bedside lamp, on a budget! (See part 1 here).

Dannells_Ella Johnston Art_Nursery lampshade_cropPart 2- How to make a unique bedside lamp

You will need:
A Dannells lamp base
A Dannells lampshade kit
Chalk paint

1: To give the lamp base a bright, yet shabby chic finish I first painted the plain wooden base with grey chalk paint. I left that to dry, gave the base a second coat with red chalk paint then sanded areas back to reveal the grey in places.
Wooden lamp base being painted with base coat.Wooden lamp base painted red

4: For the lamp shade, give the fabric a good iron, removing any stray bits of thread, then lay out the Dannells lampshade kit components.

Lay your fabric face down and place the self adhesive panel on top, to check for size and positioning. Ensuring that the ‘top’ of your fabric will be at the top!

Peel back a little of the release paper on the panel, position sticky side on to the reverse of the fabric and bit by bit, remove the rest of the release paper so it sticks to the fabric, smoothing out from the middle as you pull. Turn over and smooth out again, removing any creases or air bubbles.

Snap back the scored edges on the panel and remove. Place a strip of double-sided tape on one short edge of the PVC. Set aside.

Kids bedroom. Bedside lamp on table
5: Cover the rings with the double-sided tape. Remember, If your fabric covering is directional you need to think about which ring to place at the top or bottom of the panel. The utility ring (where the bulb fitting goes) needs to be placed at the bottom for a table lamp, so make sure your covering is the correct way before continuing to the next step.
6: Put the sticky rings on the edge of the PVC panel, not the fabric, and start rolling along the
straight edge, joining with the double-sided tape when you get to the end, pressing firmly together. Push the surplus fabric over the rings. Use the kit’s tool to tuck the fabric underneath the rings on the inside for a neat finish. Now connect it to your painted lamp base.



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