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Lampshade making tutorials

Lampshade making tutorials

Want to learn how to make your own lampshades? These lampshade making tutorial videos will show you everything you need to know!

To help you to get the best from our range of Needcraft Lampshade Making Kits, our range of short videos offer you hints, tips and creative ideas to help you master lampshade making and put your creative ideas into practice.
Covering everything from drum lampshade through to our more unusual shapes such as our rounded square corned and hexagonal kits through to table lamps and floor lamps, our lampshade making expert Sam will talk you through stage by stage how to create the perfect lampshade for your home, as a gift or for your lampshade making business.

This short video is an introduction to the Needcraft range of products from Dannells Ltd on Vimeo.

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How to make a table lamp

Buy table lamp kit here

Make & Paint Lampshade Making Kits

Buy make and paint kit here

 Lampshade Manufacturing Packs

Buy lampshade manufacturing pack here

 How to make a Sewing Bin

Buy sewing bin kit here

How to Make a Professional Coolie Lampshade

Buy coolie lampshade kit here

 Textile Wall Art Kit – Turn your fabrics into Wall Art

Buy textile wall art kit here

 How to make a tiered lampshade

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How to make a floor lamp

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Lampshade Group Making / Student Workshop – Run your own workshop!

Buy your workshop kit here

How to make a Lamp from a Bottle using a Needcraft Conversion Kit

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How to make Lanterns from Fabric and Wallpaper

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How to make a clock using fabric, wallpaper or digital print covering

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How to make a bin kit

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How to make an Empire lampshade


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