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Lampshade making tutorials

Lampshade making tutorials

Want to learn how to make your own lampshades? These lampshade making tutorial videos will show you everything you need to know!

We have gathered lampshade making tutorial videos from near and far to help you on your way to becoming a master lampshade designer and maker. Some are by our customers, some are by us and show you how to use our kits and some are little gems we have found on the way and just had to share with you.
We hope you enjoy our lampshade making tutorials, if you have any comments or know of any other really useful lampshade making tutorials please do let us know in the comments at the end of the post.

Make & Paint Lampshade Making Kits

Buy make and paint kit here


Lampshade Manufacturing Packs

Buy lampshade manufacturing pack here


How to make a Sewing Bin

Buy sewing bin kit here


How to Make a Professional Coolie Lampshade

Buy coolie lampshade kit here


Textile Wall Art Kit – Turn your fabrics into Wall Art

Buy textile wall art kit here


How to make a tiered lampshade

Buy tiered lampshade kit here

Great post here with step by step instructions to make a tiered, tie-dyed lampshade:

Mother’s Day tie-dye gift idea tutorial

How to make a table lamp

Buy table lamp kit here

Find inspiration in this blog post on table and floor lighting:

DIY Statement lighting to suit your scheme

How to make a floor lamp


Buy floor lamp kit here

Find inspiration in this blog post on table and floor lighting:

DIY Statement lighting to suit your scheme

Lampshade Group Making / Student Workshop – Run your own workshop!

Buy your workshop kit here

How to make a Lamp from a Bottle using a Needcraft Conversion Kit

Buy your bottle lamp kit here

How to make a bottle lamp blog post with pictures:

How to make a bottle lamp

How to make a drum lampshade

Buy your kit here

Learn how to make a DIY lampshade here:

How to make a DIY lampshade


How to make Lanterns from Fabric and Wallpaper

Buy your kit here

How to make a clock using fabric, wallpaper or digital print covering

Buy kit here


How to make a bin kit

Buy kit here


Gillian Arnold – Metre Wide Lampshade Production

“Watch an amazing time lapse of Alexandra Batty and Faye Buller making one of four meter wide lampshades we’re producing for a bar. Guess how long you think it took to make in the comments below.”

We love Gillian’s great time laps showing how a huge, meter wide drum lampshade is made! Buy the supplies from us a Needcraft of course!


How to make a steampunk lampshade by Lostwax

The most touching lampshade video I have ever seen! A ‘must see’ – It will put a smile on your face 🙂

“How to make jewellery, steampunk paraphernalia and other random bits and pieces. I make a bit of everything, so tune in to find what I am going to make next”

Discover more here


The Lampshade Company


Archie Mac London

Robyn, the brains and braun behind Archie Mac London, is passionate that creativity should be used to provide opportunities for others. She established Archie Mac London after working as a support worker in Lambeth, and plans to one day offer training and employment opportunities to local women who’ve faced vulnerable situations. Their products are all made in the UK either in house, or by amazing social enterprises that support the development of people who are facing social barriers.
Link to Archie Mac London here



My sewing box


Cath Kidston



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