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3 fab ways to decorate your walls

Whatever your style, when it comes to home decorating, sometimes it’s nice to make a statement and what better place to do it than to decorate your walls? The great thing is that you don’t have to be an interiors expert or a master crafter to achieve a great look …

lampshade making kits
lampshade making kits
lampshade making kits

lampshade making kits are easy!

Needcraft lampshade making kits are so easy and fun we want to share some of the great work our customers create… with …

Needcraft lampshade making supplies blog_competition winner

Shhhh… Needcraft lampshade competition winner to be announced later today!

Wow! What an epic lampshade journey this has been… Our #lampshadebusinessinabox competition has attracted many talented lampshade designers. We’ve been humbled by …

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