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book review

Free book giveaway! Get creative and learn a new skill.

How hard are you working? Do you deserve a hard-earned break from all the running around, Christmas preparations, sticking, sewing, trimming and lampshade lining? We think you do and we have FIVE FREE copies of this wonderful new Handmade lampshades book by Natalia Price Cabrera to give away! Usually £9.99 …

handmade lampshades

New handmade lampshades book!

Handmade Lampshades – Natalia Price-Cabrera This book was launched  in October 2015  and we have grabbed some copies direct from the publisher, …

lampshade love story

Lampshade Love Story!

I just had to share this wonderful lampshade love story with you all! This is the most touching, heart-warming, love story I …

lampshade making kits
lampshade making kits
lampshade making kits

lampshade making kits are easy!

Needcraft lampshade making kits are so easy and fun we want to share some of the great work our customers create… with …

Needcraft lampshade making supplies blog_Botany bay designs

Botany Bay Designs talks handmade lampshades and nautical inspiration

I’m Nicky… and I’ve been making handmade lampshades as Botany Bay Designs for one year this June. I’ve always been interested in …

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